Various shots of Benjamin in front of and behind the camera… red carpet premieres, cast signings, on-set production and candid shots of an actor at work!

Benjamin on the red carpet at the 22nd San Antonio Film Festival for the comedy, <em>Second Impression.<em>
Producer John Cook, writer Hanz Wasserburger, star Lana Dieterich, director Wallace Weatherspoon and Benjamin Dane.
Lauren Vizza interviews Benjamin Dane on Fox 33 Shreveport.
Benjamin Dane with Doris Oboli at the CWIMA Platinum Awards Gala.
Benjamin Dane with Karie Cox, Kennedy Smith and Sawyer Bell in <em>Kill or Be Killed</em>
Shooting <em>The Dark Prince</em> miniseries for ABC Family.
Playing the Dark Prince with the Dome of the Rock as the backdrop.
A production still from <em>The Dark Prince</em>.
Walking during filming of <em>The Dark Prince</em> in Israel.
Behind the scenes shooting the White Horsemen of the Apocalypse in <em>The Dark Prince</em>.
Promotional still as the Devil in <em>The Dark Prince</em>.
Shooting inside the historic Church of St. Catherine in Bethlehem, above the birthplace of Christ.
Shooting the temptation scene where the Devil tempts Jesus in <em>The Dark Prince</em>.
On the red carpet with Mitchel Musso at the premiere of <em>Monster House</em> in L.A.
With the cast & directors, on the red carpet for <em>Kill or Be Killed</em> at the Dallas International Festival.
Live footage of the <em>Beyond The Farthest Star</em> screening in West Monroe, L.A.
BTFS cast signings with Todd Terry and Benjamin Dane as we pose for a fan selfie!
Screening <em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em> to a full house.
<em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em> cast signings in Burbank with Lou Beatty Jr. and Cherami Leigh.
The police of Leonard, TX, in <em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em> with Gail Cronauer, Barry Corbin & Benjamin Dane.
Cast signing at the Dallas screening of <em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em>.
Quick shot of Benjamin Dane and the beautiful Holly McClure during a screening.
Benjamin Dane with Pat Kinkade and Andrew Librizzi at the Kinkade premiere of <em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em>.
Cast shot with director, Andrew Librizzi, Renee O’Connor, Todd Terry, Cherami Leigh and Benjamin Dane.
Starring as Tom in VOWS directed by Todd Jenkins.
Photo still of Benjamin Dane as <em>The Dark Prince<em>.
Flanked by bodyguards as the Anti-Christ in <em>The Dark Prince<em>.
Benjamin Dane as Reginald in <em>Stationery Games<em>.
From the set of <em>Soul Flyers<em>.
Tandem sky-jumping at 35,000 feet in the sky.
On the red carpet at the SAG Awards with Hector Garcia, Jacqueline McCall, Benjamin Dane, Gail Cronauer, and Brian Dakota.
At the photo shoot of the <em>Quest for the Keys<em> poster series. Benjamin Dane plays TALMON.
Benjamin hosts the Christian Media Association’s Dallas event.
Benjamin Dane plays Taylor Foster in the award-winning <em>Breaking News<em>.
Red carpet shot of the cast, crew and directors of <em>Kill or Be Killed<em> at the Dallas International Film Festival.
On location at the <em>Kill or Be Killed<em> set as Benjamin prepares for the scene.
Benjamin Dane and Karie Cox in <em>Kill or Be Killed<em>.
Benjamin Dane and Karie Cox at the Alamo Drafthouse premiere of <em>Kill or Be Killed<em>.
Watching the monitors during BTFS filming with Sally Helpie, Nicole Garcea, Andrew Librizzi and Benjamin Dane.
Jimmy (Benjamin Dane) makes a shocking discovery in the highly acclaimed, <em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em>.
<em>Beyond The Farthest Star<em> producer Benjamin Dane ponders the next scene while shooting on location.
Benjamin Dane with manager, Lee Peterson and actor, Stephen Baldwin.
Benjamin Dane with Alveda King in Washington, D.C.
Benjamin in the new ad campaign for JadeWaters at the Anatole Dallas.