• A Creative Artist Exploring Life By Observing and Reaching the Deepest Soul of Others.

What THEY Say…

  • He has a great quality - lots of layers... He is charming and though he is one of the typically good looking guys out here - his face has a richness and life that a lot of the "Ken" dolls are missing.
    Deborah Dion
    Casting Director (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, American Psycho, Alexander)
  • It is such a great pleasure when I find a performer who can set the room aglow with his talent and his charm. He can be trusted with any role to deliver. He is a man with great discipline, integrity and soul. His multi-dimensional talents will lead to countless opportunities to soar.
    Karen Armstrong
    Casting Director Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions
  • He added enthusiasm, insight and invention - the qualities that make it a joy to work with a gifted actor - to every role.
    Andrew Librizzi
    Pathlight Entertainment
  • Ben had the ability to perform the wide variety of emotions that I was looking for. His on screen presence brought more life to this character than I had ever hoped for.
    Steven Hamilton
  • He (the director) kept stopping and making these wonderful comments about how you were nailing it! You were slightly different than he originally saw "Weller," but he loved the difference... You were extremely appealing in the role.
    LeRoy Nienow